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The placement and securing of your Halloween tombstones is very important, both for appearance and to keep them from falling over. We like to keep our cemetery looking old and foreboding. Use as many different styles of tombstones as you can and place them unevenly throughout your graveyard. Be sure to set some of them crooked or misaligned to give it that unkempt look.

Use as many different styles of tombstones as you can afford to buy and/or make. Try to buy better quality tombstones if you can, they look much more realistic than less expensive ones and will last longer since they can take more abuse.

If this is your first year to add tombstones or a graveyard to your Halloween haunt start out with a dozen or more then add a few more every year. In a few years you'll have a very impressive graveyard filled with tombstones for your Halloween haunt!

When arraigning your tombstones remember that graves in a "real" cemetery are usually spaced about 7 feet from row to row, but you can take a few liberties with distances.

While you don't have to space them out just right, you do want to give the illusion of there really being graves there, so you want to space out your tombstones. Leave at least a foot or two between the stones side to side, and 4 feet or more from row to row. We like to tilt some of the tombstones so that the graveyard looks old and dilapidated.

For lots of great information visit HalloweenTombstones.com


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