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You can hang spooky props and decorations from tree limbs for added atmosphere. The "Super Ghost" is a four foot tall prop, looks great and looks very ghostly when illuminated with a hidden black light. If you hang one over a tombstone it looks as though it is raising from out of the grave. You can also hang artificial bats from tree limbs using light-weight fishing line. There are lots of other props and decorations that can be used this way.

Skeletons always look as though they belong in a graveyard. You can place a skeleton so that it is standing next to or behind a large tombstone in your Halloween graveyard.

You can have it sitting on the ground and leaning against a tombstone. Or, you could even half bury one, so that it looks like it is coming out of a grave.

You can have one or two skeletons sitting on a park style bench in the graveyard. The "Bucky" skeleton is very realistic and relatively inexpensive. Piles of skulls and bones can also make a great addition.

Check out the Halloween Skeleton site for more info on skeletons.

Ghostly apparitions are always welcome visitors on Halloween night and the "Super Ghost" Halloween prop is a spooky phantom that will spook your guests and is a great addition to any Halloween graveyard.

This white ghost Halloween prop measures fifty inches tall and will glow bluish-white under a blacklight source.

 You can hang this ghost prop from the ceiling, your front porch, a tree limb or anywhere you want to display it.

As an added effect, we hide a small oscillating fan a few feet behind the ghost to cause it to gently move in the air.

If AC power is not available or practical were you want to place the ghost, you can use a battery powered fan just as easily.

Spooky Tree's
Spooky looking Halloween props like the Haunted Tree, stands an impressive six feet tall, is made a heavy-weight molded latex and hand painted.

This prop is big and very creepy looking!

While the body and base of the prop are finished on all sides, the arms are a half prop, meaning that the back is open and unfinished, so the tree needs to be displayed so that the back cannot be seen by viewers.

It is manufactured this way to keep the cost down.


Scary Scarecrow
Scarecrows are a great way to add a little more scare into your Halloween graveyard. Many people, both kids and adults, find clowns to be very scary, but we’ve always felt that a scarecrow was a very sinister looking, even menacing figure, particularly during the Halloween season.

There are even Halloween scarecrow costumes and masks available now!

This is one impressive Halloween decoration! Jack the Scarecrow stands almost six feet tall and would be a very menacing figure in any Halloween graveyard, pumpkin patch or even your living room!

He is made of high quality urethane foam filled latex, hand painted in great detail and shipped in three parts (the upper body, the base and the metal stand).


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