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Fresh graves are usually filled with extra dirt, otherwise over time the soil will compact and leave an impression above the grave. We like to use dirt to make burial mounds for some of our tombstones.

If you have a supply of dirt, you can build up two to six inch high mounds in front of each Tombstone. If you don't happen to have any extra dirt yourself, you can have a small truck load brought in from a landscaping company for a small change. Just remember, you'll need to do something with all that extra dirt after Halloween. Scatter leaves, twigs and branches around the area to give it an untended look.

For that really old, abandoned or overgrown graveyard feel, add Spanish moss, leaves and vines. Spanish moss adds a great effect when glued in bunches at the base of and on the tombstones. Next, drape and glue some Spanish moss and silk vines over the top of your tombstones. Make sure each tombstone is done a little differently than the others and be careful not to add too much or you will bury your tombstones! These can be found at most craft stores or your local nursery.

You can place small bouquets, wreaths or vases of wilted flowers at the base of a few of your tombstones and monuments. These can be real flowers that have been allowed to dry and wither, or you can buy artificial flowers from a local craft store. Autumn or winter flowers tend to look best. You can even find black or gray colored flowers and roses, which look especially ominous in a Halloween graveyard! Simple touches like this can really add realism to your graveyard.

You can surround a few of the graves with stones to give it a special look. We use smooth, river stones for this.




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