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Below are some of the special effects that we use to enhance our Halloween Graveyard.

Sound Effects and Music
Halloween Graveyard MusicSpooky sound effects are an important element for any graveyard or yard haunt. Just imagine how much the less the impact of a movie would be without any background sound effects.

Typically we hide one or more portable, battery powered cd players, set on continuous play, in our Halloween graveyard to add our background sounds.

For a small graveyard, we place one cd player in the middle, hidden behind a Halloween prop, usually a tombstone. For a large graveyard, we place one in the middle and then two more, one at each end of the graveyard.

The volume should be set so that the sound effects can be easily heard, but not so much that it is blaring. Remember, its suppose to be background sounds, not a concert.

Many people ask if we have music playing in our graveyard in addition to sound effects. We don't, mainly because its unlikely that there would be any music in an old graveyard, but also because we usually have spooky music playing at both our front gate and the porch, and they would all compete with each other.

There's a huge selection of Halloween sound effects and spooky music cd's on the market. Using your computer, you can even mix and match to create your own custom cd's.

For ambient sounds coming from our Halloween graveyard we use two tracks from the cd "Scary Sound Effects" by Rhino Records (1994). We made our own custom cd by alternating track #27 (Howling Wind) and track #28 (Little Girl Walking), over and over again, until we had a full cd.

Check out the Halloween Music 101 website for more information.

Thunder & Lightning
Lightning MachineA very popular effect is to add simulated thunder and lightning to a Halloween graveyard using a lightning machine.
There are several models on the market, but the one we like the most made by Haunted Creations.

Their "Lightning Machine" is a very realistic lightning simulator in that it produces the sound of thunder and then bright flashes of light from a powerful strobe light, just like the real thing. Other lightning machines generate the sound and light simultaneously.

This unit comes with lightning generator, high intensity strobe light, cables and thunder/lightning cd.

All you need to do to get up and running is connect the Lightning Machine via one cable to the high intensity strobe light, a second cable to a cd player, pop in the thunder and lightning cd, and you are ready to go.

Fog Machines
Graveyard and Cemetery FogThere's nothing like a layer of fog floating ominously through the night air and/or creeping over the ground to really give a scare to your trick or treaters. Use a fog machine or multiple fog machines to fill the night air with fog and put a real chill into your visitors.

You can even build a "Fog Chiller" device that makes the fog hug the ground when it exits the fog machine for a really creepy effect. More information can be found about using fog machines and plans for building a "Fog Chiller" visit Got Fog!

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