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Don't have the time, tools, skill or energy to build your own fence? Well there are a couple of off the shelf solutions available.

Plastic Cemetery Fence
Plastic Halloween Graveyard FenceThe "Cemetery Fence Halloween Prop" is a plastic "simulated wrought-iron" cemetery fence that is an easy way to make your front yard look like a graveyard. Use it to enclose a border around a cemetery, haunted house scene or even indoors for a Halloween party.

Packaged in two seperate pieces, each measuring roughly 18" long x 30" high for a total of 36" long x 30" high. These sections snap together so that you can create a fence just about any size you want. Each set retails for around $19.95.

Needless to say, a graveyard that is fenced on all four sides takes more fencing sections to build. If you assemble your graveyard against the wall of your house or a regular fence you will not need graveyard fencing at the back, allowing you to make a larger graveyard. We made an fifteen foot wide by nine foot deep Halloween graveyard fence using fifteen sets.

Each year we will add a few more sets, so that our graveyard will grow in size every year. After Halloween, you just box the sections up and store for next year. Check your local Halloween store for availability.


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