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Welcome to the Halloween Graveyard!


Following a dilapidated wooden fence, the group slowly approached the gate they had been looking for. Hanging forebodingly on the gate was a weather old sign that read "Halloween Graveyard - Enter If You Dare". Suddenly, there was the white flash of lightning and then the dull rumble of thunder.

Reluctantly, the group passed through the gate. To their left was an old and spooky looking graveyard surrounded by a gothic style wrought iron fence. The graveyard, illuminated by an eerie blue light with no evident source, was filled with creepy old tombstones. Half way down the fence they could see the arched entrance way to the graveyard. At the top hung a sign that read "Halloween Graveyard".

The sound of wind and creaking tree branches can be heard and a light fog crawled over the ground through the patchwork of cob web covered tombstones. Pumpkins, both carved and not were scattered throughout. The flickering and ominous faces of these Jack O' Lanterns sent chills up they spines. Was that some ghostly apparition peeking from behind a tombstone in the back?

As they walked closer, they could see the menacing figure of the Grim Reaper himself standing like a statue behind the largest of the gravestones near the entrance to the graveyard. Hesitantly, the group began to move past the archway, but suddenly the Grim Reapers began moving towards them with boney out stretched arms. Screaming, they moved forward quickly towards their goal, the front door of the creepy old house at the end of the path.

The front of the house was a stunning visage of decay. Tattered curtains hung from the window sills, shredded from years of neglect and the often present howling wind. Yet, behind the windows an ominous glow shown through, indicating some unknown and possibly malevolent presence  within. The door looked as if it had been boarded up a century ago. As they moved closer they could hear the faint sound of sinister organ music coming from within. Standing on the porch was the...

This isn't a scary story to tell your Trick or Treater's on Halloween night, although it could be. Its a basic example of a yard haunt that includes a Halloween graveyard.


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